Harini Nagesh

MSc Economics 2021

Why did you pick the University of Leeds?   

I chose Leeds University Business School because it is triple accredited and ranks in the top 100 universities in the world.

Secondly, their Economics programme ranked 6th in the United Kingdom when I applied, and it is one of the very few universities whose teachings are pluralist as well as research oriented.

The department consists of faculty members from diverse economic schools of thought who are highly qualified academics and also advisors for IMF and World Bank.  

How did staff help you throughout your time at the University and did you use any support services?

Though I started university amidst a pandemic, I was fortunate enough to have received immense support from my department and the opportunity to have on-ground seminars. My staff members made sure we got the best out of our online learning structure.

I was assigned a personal tutor who helped with any doubts I had relating to academics. She was a pillar when I was struggling with a topic for my dissertation. I still remember how patiently she met with me every week and guided me in reaching my target and made sure I did not stress myself through that process.

My department also hosts various sessions, like lunch with economists, where leading economists and researchers came together to keep us updated with recent research projects in the field and employment opportunities.  

Did you have any part-time jobs/gain career experience while at Leeds?    

I was fortunate enough to land my first part-time role as a Business School Ambassador. My role entailed representing the Business School at various events, such as Open Days, campus tours and school-specific events.

Apart from that I also became a Link to Leeds Ambassador. This role specifically involved working with the South Asian team of the University and making creative for the University’s social media platforms. The nature of the role was so diverse that it paved the way to more interesting roles as an ambassador in the University, like hosting global cafes and working as facilitator in the buddy scheme.

My part-time roles have really strengthened my transferable skills. From interpersonal skills to communication skills, my roles have really pushed me to be a better person professionally. They even helped me land a job in Leeds after graduation!  

What did you think about the city of Leeds? 

Leeds is one of the most student friendly cities in the UK. The city has something to offer for everyone’s preferences. The beautiful and green campus will always be my favourite place in the city.

The city is also a hub for Fintech start-ups in the United Kingdom. Top companies like KPMG, PWC have their offices here, making it a place of incredible potential and opportunities.

The city also has an exceptionally good share of South Asian communities, restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores.

The beautiful countryside, the gorgeous parks, the bustling city centre and top opportunities make Leeds an ideal city to study and work.  

What is your top tip to make the most of studying abroad?

My top tip would be to be proactive in the University. There are more than 300 clubs and societies that students can be part of. These are great opportunities to meet new people and build a community here in Leeds.

Apart from that, there are various part-time, internship and volunteering opportunities to build your employability skills through the Careers Centre and the University Union.

The Language Centre helps students to learn new languages and help with language exchange. The University sports centre offers various fitness opportunities.

There are numerous opportunities at the University for students' holistic development. It depends on us to grab it while it is offered and make the most out of our time here at the University.