Nikhil Ninad Jadhav

MSc Data Science and Analytics 2022

Why did you pick the University of Leeds?  

The University of Leeds was at the top of the list for me. In addition to being a Russell Group university, it is one of the top 10 in the UK for my subject, with a high rate of satisfaction and employment, as Leeds graduates are highly sought after in the industry.

Apart from academic excellence, the Leeds University Union has many cultural societies and volunteering opportunities for everyone’s interests. Also, the Leeds course structure for Data Science attracted me the most our of all other UK universities. 

What attracted you to studying in the UK?

The demand for technology and data science attracted me to studying in the UK. Also, this is my second Masters degree and the UK offers one-year Masters degrees which was a wonderful opportunity for me.

The graduate route visa is also one of the reasons, as it increases your employability chances in UK. 

Tell us about your degree at the University of Leeds

I studied MSc Data Science and Analytics at the School of Mathematics. The course structure is professionally managed and covers all the relevant modules required. The modules are up to date with the latest technologies and topics. 

How was studying in Leeds different to your previous academic experience?  

The University encourages you to put effort into self-study rather than spoon feeding everything. This encourages students to do some research and is an opportunity to learn something more than bookish knowledge.  

What were your greatest challenges and rewards throughout your degree?

My greatest challenge was dealing with the advanced modules I did not have knowledge of but the professors helped me get through it.

My greatest reward was working with the Wikimedia Foundation for dissertation work, creating a machine learning model to predict vandalism in Wikipedia articles.

It was a perfect opportunity for me to highlight my skills and work to make difference in the real world. 

How did staff help you throughout your time at the University and did you use any support services?  

The staff at the University were extremely helpful and supportive. Being an international student, they acknowledged my problems and helped me through them whenever I was stuck.

There is always someone available to help you with all sorts of problems, whether it be academic or personal. 

What support did you access at Leeds to help with your career goals? 

The Careers Centre at the University helped me with building my CV and LinkedIn profile, which is especially important in the professional world.

I booked one-to-one appointments with experts who gave me personal feedback on my work and tips to improve it. 

How did the University help you apply for graduate jobs?  

The Careers Centre always sends me new opportunities available in my field. I receive daily updates via email about all the opportunities.

The experts also helped me prepare for specific job interviews.  

Did you have any part-time jobs/gain career experience while at Leeds? 

I was working with the Wikimedia Foundation as an Applied Machine Learning Intern. This opportunity also helped me with working on my dissertation and creating good output.

Apart from this, working as a Link to Leeds ambassador was the most exciting thing that happened to me in Leeds. It helped me gain confidence and improve my public speaking skills.

I got to meet a lot of people from different cultures and helping international students was something I was looking forward to. 

How was the student life at Leeds? 

Being a student at Leeds is exciting. The University gives a perfect balance of study and personal life.

The Leeds University Union (LUU) has many cultural societies and volunteering opportunities for everyone’s interests. It has more than 300 clubs and societies for all your hobbies and interests.

There are always some exciting events happening that are organised by the University. 

How was the international student community? Did you feel at home? 

The international community is the best thing I found here in Leeds. There are many events for international students to meet new people and feel at home.

There are also many cultural events organised by different societies which never made me feel homesick. 

What did you think about the city of Leeds?  

Leeds is the most happening city I’ve seen so far in the UK. It is a student city and there is a lot for students to do.

There are many clubs and restaurants to hangout with friends in on weekends. Apart from that, Leeds is a beautiful city with multiple attractions at walkable distance. I love being in Leeds.   

What advice would you offer to anyone thinking about applying to the University of Leeds?  

My main advice would be: do not come unprepared. Do some self-study before coming about your field, the city and all the university activities to get the most out of it. 

What is your top tip to make the most of studying abroad?

I would suggest trying to get involved in other activities and events apart from your studies. These will be the best University years you will ever have.