Ajinkya Vijay Shinde

MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering 2022
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Link to Leeds Ambassador

Email Ajinkya: ajinkya-link@leeds.ac.uk

Hello everyone! I’m Ajinkya, from one of the most diverse countries of the world – “India” – multifariousness in linguistic, cultural, ethnics, landscapes and what not!

Currently, I’m pursuing an MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering. Prior to this, I joined Honeywell Automation India Ltd as an Application Engineer right after my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from Pune University, India. Work exposure in Honeywell acquainted me with practical hands-on experience and helped me tackle real-life issues through the theoretical knowledge I gained during my graduation.

Later, I decided to continue in academia before entering the industry to gain the required knowledge for research, leading to further success. I firmed my decision of opting for Masters studies at the University of Leeds, given the programme that I chose would prove as an asset to my credentials and help me achieve great lengths in the future.

Leeds is a wonderful institution that provides you with the right knowledge in your respective domains and teaches you to deal with real-life issues.

Why Leeds? 

The primary motives for choosing the University of Leeds were my course structure, prospects, location, and many more. Also, Leeds is a very diverse and vibrant city.

The Indian Society is prevalent and active in Leeds and there are many Indian restaurants here. All major festivals such as Diwali and Holi are celebrated every year. It is also an opportunity to socialise and meet fellow students.

I visit the Global Café to meet new people and chat over drinks. Societies are a great way to socialise, so you should try and sign up for at least one. 


Leeds is one of the largest cities in England. It is centrally located and well connected to different cities. This has benefits such as employment and other opportunities in and around the city.

Additionally, the climate here is super comfortable, to which students can effortlessly adapt.

Course structure

The University of Leeds provides an excellent framework of academia, giving the convenience of applying both theoretical and practical knowledge. It has a compliant body of experts who will help you be proficient in your field. 

Masters thesis (project)

Being a Chemical Engineer, I feel a Masters project is a significant concern for many. I was hoping for a project relating to the industry's current difficulties, including both research and industrial application. The University of Leeds was the best choice as I was offered this with skilled mentors and highly equipped laboratories.

Course selection

I was always fascinated by machines and their operation. Conversations with my brother gave me insights regarding industrial automation and production processes which ultimately developed my interest in chemical engineering. Later, I finished my Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and had two years of industry experience in automation.

Studying an MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering will be a unique asset to strengthen my career, which would feed directly into my career goals, providing specialisation in my chosen field. 

The things that interest me the most are: 

  • Working with industrial processes and getting hands-on experience with these processes 
  • Learning the chemistry behind the conversion processes 
  • Development of techniques to convert raw materials into valuable products 
  • Characterisation of pharmaceutical products based on material structures 
  • Automation of large-scale plants, which allows them to be operated remotely or from a single location 
  • Sustainable process development (green processes) 

Student life

One becomes a part of a vibrant student community that offers many opportunities to get involved in various activities, societies, and other social opportunities.

The Collaborative Arts Society is for all students in the School of Fine Art, History of Art, and Cultural Studies. It organises a range of arts-related events and more general social activities. There are countless societies and clubs run by the Leeds University Union (LUU), including sports societies, volunteering groups and political societies, amongst many others.

The University works with their student leaders to hold social events for all students, comprising game nights, film screenings, and a summer ball. The University also organises tours for students throughout their time at Leeds, starting from the induction week with excursions to introduce you to the region's wealth of museums and galleries.

Studying and living in Leeds will give me access to the vibrant art culture of the city. Many of our Fine Art students are at the centre of local art collectives and organise events that everyone can tap into. There are also many opportunities for Fine Art students to organise exhibitions at artist-led spaces around the city. 

Careers support

The Careers Centre often organises jobs fairs. These are an excellent opportunity to network, get to know the industry and learn about work prospects. This is significant for international students, specifically those who otherwise may not have much local exposure to it.

In addition, the Careers Centre also offers training in preparing high-quality job applications, including writing a CV and cover letter.