Ankita Mandal

MSc Transport Planning and the Environment 2022
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I am Ankita and I am pursuing an MSc Transport Planning and the Environment at the Institute of Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds.

I studied urban planning and worked for five years in Delhi, India, before opting for this postgraduate course.

One of the faculty from my undergraduate course in India is an alumna of ITS, University of Leeds, and her career path motivated me to research more about this degree. I interacted with a couple of more seniors from my undergraduate school who also studied at Leeds and they vouched for the great quality of education provided at ITS, Leeds.

I chose to study here because of the top-class reputation of the department, its internationally renowned research output and a promising career path in the UK.

I started my studies in September 2021 in a blended mode – both online and in-person classes. I am enjoying the learning process as my faculty and classmates come from across the globe and this gives me an opportunity to interact with a diverse community of transport planners and engineers.

I have also been able to get career advice and placement opportunities through the department and the University resources.

I have also taken part in the placement scheme run by the department and hope it helps me land an opportunity before I graduate. I like the all rounded approach of my programme which includes research and group projects along with site visits, recreational trips and professional development.  

I am staying at a University accommodation for postgraduate students which gives me a chance to be close to the University and also be a part of the student union events. There are several events taking place every week like art workshops, dance classes, outdoor walking tours, movie screenings and so much more.

Leeds is a very student friendly city with lots to offer – museums, art galleries, cafes, pubs and restaurants. My personal favourite is the Tiled Hall Café at the Leeds Art Gallery which has beautiful interiors and serves delicious coffee and cakes.

The city is very multicultural and one can find stores and restaurants serving food from across the world. Being centrally located in the UK, Leeds is also perfect to explore and travel around. I have had a chance to explore a few places in England and also travel extensively in Scotland.

As an international student, I can understand that moving to a new country can be daunting initially, but it is very rewarding. To anyone opting to study here, my advice would be to explore as much as you can, meet new people and learn to balance work and fun.