Godly Thomas

MSc Engineering Technology and Business Management 2022
Job title
Link to Leeds Ambassador

Email Godly: godly-link@leeds.ac.uk

I studied my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Govt. Model Engineering College. I worked as an Engineer at Tata ELXSI for a few years.

I wanted to study my Masters at a prestigious Russell Group university and, after thorough research on universities, I found the University of Leeds to be the perfect choice for me. Its ranking in the Financial Times table and being targeted by top graduate employers across UK, made my decision easier. 

I started my Masters in Engineering Technology and Business Management in September 2021. I find the structure of this course quite interesting as it is delivered with a mix of coursework and exams. My dissertation, carried out across two different semesters, focuses on the technical and business aspects of the topic. The programme also offers diverse subjects that give me the opportunity to work in different sectors. 

The University has provided me with numerous opportunities for developing my skills and the careers service has supported me throughout my journey. I was able to volunteer for a student colour run in Leeds which was an amazing experience to start off my student chapter.

Outside of my studies, I love baking and exploring new places and capturing those memories throughout my journeys. I enjoy dancing and listening to music, be it classical or pop, and I was able to follow my passion for music and dance throughout my studies, winning inter-collegiate festivals.

The University conducts numerous events and fun activities every week which I enjoy participating in during my spare time after studies.

I find Leeds to be full of life and student friendly. Everything is at walking distance, be it shops, museums, clubs or parks. One of my go-to places for shopping is the Trinity mall, numerous thrift stores across the city and, for groceries, I always prefer Kirkgate market where you can buy fresh products directly from farmers at an affordable price.

My favourite spot in Leeds is the Parkinson Building and Leeds has lots of historic buildings and beautiful landscapes, be it Millennium Square, the elegant arcades across the city and, of course, Roundhay Park. Hyde Park near the campus is perfect for a quick stroll!

I live in Blenheim Point which is University accommodation. It is very close to the campus and a few minutes away from the city centre. It is new and modern and our kitchens and common rooms are very spacious and elegant. Being on the top floor, the view from my room is amazing at night, which I enjoy the most.

One of the main benefits of living in University accommodation is the access to the gym and sports facilities on campus and numerous workout sessions and training organised by both the University and the residence life team every week.