Rahil Rahmah

BSc Food Science and Nutrition with Integrated International Foundation Year (Science) 2025
Job title
Link to Leeds Ambassador

Email Rahil: rahil-link@leeds.ac.uk

I first heard about the University of Leeds when I was doing online research on universities in the UK that provided courses on Nutrition or Food Science. When I found out that both courses were provided, including another course which was the combination of the two, I knew I had found where I wanted to be.

Not only that, but the School of Food Science and Nutrition is well ranked in the UK and global league tables. The research is interesting and I’m looking forward to the projects I’ll get to conduct in the future.

The University gave me many reasons to come and study here. The first was obviously because it had the combination of Food Science and Nutrition then the second reason was that the International Foundation Year was an option that was presented to me. This allowed me to come directly to Leeds using my Indonesian Highschool Diploma to apply.

This year provides me with a ‘foundation’ in science to excel into the first year of my degree, in addition to preparing my academic English for better use in the future.  

Other reasons included the gorgeous campus that has the perfect balance between greenery and buildings. Another point worth mentioning would be how welcoming the University is to international students and how organised the academic learning system is. 

Outside of my studies, I enjoy cooking. It could be learning to cook a new dish, trying to figure out how to make a dish from my home country using the available ingredients, or cooking with friends. I also really enjoy photography and I am usually seen holding a camera.