Aeron Syliongtay

MSc Organizational Psychology 2023
The Philippines

Choosing the UK was an easy decision for me. I really loved how I could get a master’s degree from a prestigious university in just one year (with hard work, of course). There were also plenty of opportunities for funding which was actually what sealed the deal for me with the University of Leeds when they offered me a scholarship. Apart from this, I just saw the UK as a melting pot of diverse cultures, and that was a very important consideration for me because I wanted to meet people from different countries and learn with them. Now that I’ve finished the program, I have zero regrets choosing the UK, and especially choosing Leeds.   

I studied an MSc in organizational psychology, which is the application of psychological concepts to organizations. I’ve always been fascinated with the complexity of the human mind, and my degree helped me explore this interest at such a rigorous and practical level. I especially enjoyed our seminars where we got to apply what we learned in lectures to real-life business and similar scenarios. Most notable was when we got to work with a real client for our consulting module which really taught me how to think critically and creatively about organizations. 

During my studies, I worked part-time as a Link to Leeds ambassador, which is a scheme managed by the University’s international office. It was such a fulfilling experience because not only did I gain work experience while studying but I also met so many people from different cultures, whether as my fellow ambassadors or prospective students I had campus tours with. I also got to develop my communication skills which is very important nowadays when careers and workplaces are becoming more and more global and diverse.   

Leeds is such a beautiful city. It’s the perfect balance between bustling city adventures and peaceful nature walks. Everything you need is right at the city centre, which is just a few minutes away from the university complex. As a coffee lover, I also liked that the city had a variety of cafés where I could either work on my assignments or just relax with friends. Also, because Leeds is a student city, you’re surrounded by fellow learners from across the globe wherever you go. 

My top tip for any students would be to enjoy every single moment of your time abroad. Sometimes it can be difficult to notice the little things, especially when the coursework piles up. But what will really make your stay extra worthwhile are the relationships you will build with people: coursemates, professors, flatmates, even strangers you meet from all over the world. Time will fly so fast, so just make the most of it!