Tia Khaing

Biological Sciences BSc

I'm Tia from Myanmar! I am currently studying in Year 2 of my BSc Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds. I studied International Year one at Leeds International Study Centre before joining the University. 

Before coming to the UK, I finished my third year at the University of Medicine back in Myanmar. I decided to change course because I am more interested in the research and development of medicine, rather than the direct treatment of patients. I have always been fascinated by molecular organisms and how each cell functions inside the body to support our day-to-day life. 

I decided to study in the UK because the universities here are famous for medicine and research. The country itself is multi-cultural and international student-friendly. The time for the courses is generally shorter in the UK than in other countries and so the tuition fees are lesser. There are also multiple scholarships and loans for international students to apply for. 

Out of all the universities in the UK, the University of Leeds stands out to me the most because of its great reputation and high employment rates after graduation. Firstly, it was ranked in the top 75 universities in the QS World University Ranking in 2024 and is also in the top 5 most targeted universities by graduate recruiters in the UK according to the report done by High Fliers Research. Moreover, the University is ranked in the Top 30 in the UK for Biological Sciences according to Complete University Guide 2022. 

Leeds definitely didn’t disappoint me after arriving here. The city in general is very welcoming and international student-friendly. My experience here in Leeds has been amazing so far. Joining directly from International Year One to Year 2, I was worried about whether I can keep up with my peers in studying. However, the professors and staffs are affable and accommodating, so I have no trouble keeping up with my friends. 

In the second year, we can choose the theme of the modules that we want to focus on. Therefore, I can focus on the subjects that I enjoy studying. The usual weekly timetable includes lectures, tutorials and one full day of lab. Most of my lectures are held in person, so I can enjoy the University experience to the fullest. 

One of my favourite aspects of studying at the University of Leeds would be the Careers service that is provided. We learned how to write a CV, cover letter and application forms. The employability team also held mock interviews for students to practise and offered constructive feedback to each person. We can also search for job vacancies on the MyCareer website and also book an appointment with the career service team to discuss the job application. 

Aside from the study, Leeds University Union (LUU) offers over 300 clubs and societies for students to join and have fun. I joined the Kpop Dance Society where we meet every week to learn new choreography of our favourite Kpop songs. I met many great friends from the society gathering with whom I can talk about Korean culture. I am also a course rep for Year 2 Biological Sciences which provides me with great opportunities to communicate with my peers and professors. 

Leeds is a very vibrant city with lots of activities to participate in. You can find any groceries you need from one of the shops in the city centres. My favourite go-to place for Asian food would be Hang Sing Hong or Taste the Orient. There are also plenty of bars and pubs for you to chill in the evening after a long day of studying. Overall, it’s been a great experience for me!