Teng Wang Lee

Food Science and Nutrition MSci BSc

Hello, my name is Teng Wang Lee from Johor, Malaysia. I did my Foundation in Science at Taylor’s University, Malaysia before I came to University of Leeds. I am currently in my 4th year Food Science and Nutrition MSci BSc at the School of Food Science and Nutrition. 

I got to know University of Leeds by searching through Google when I was researching about Food Science and Nutrition courses. The main reason of me choosing University of Leeds is because of University of Leeds won the top-ranked in the UK for my course, Food Science and Nutrition. Also, University of Leeds is part of the Russell Group in the UK. Furthermore, I have a friend who studied at the University and he told me Leeds is a lovely city. This made my decision to choose University of Leeds an easy one. 

My favourite thing about the university is the libraries. The University of Leeds has four libraries, and each of them has a different style. For example, Brotherton Library is an old and characterful building, whereas Laidlaw Library is a modern style library. The best part is that I can switch to any of the libraries to do my revision so I will not get bored at studying at the same place. Also, the libraries provide separate study spaces if you want to study as a group and you're able to book a study group booth or teaching rooms. My favourite library is the Edward Boyle library, because it has lots of study space for students and is open till late, which makes it convenient when I'm wanting to study or do my revision. 

The University of Leeds provides lots of opportunities for students. For example, the Career Centre provides careers support such as CV checks, online webinar and mock interviews, support for students who want to do  industrial placement year as well as internship programme support. I had the opportunity to do an industrial placement year, which allowed me to experience real-life working and gained valuable skills and knowledge. 

The Leeds University Union provides opportunities for you to explore your hobby and interests, try some new activities and meet new friends! I love to join different type of social events, clubs and society. I enjoy meeting new friends and learning more about their culture. For example, the Global Cafe is held every Monday 5.30pm to 7.30pm where we are able to meet and socialise with people from all around the world. By participating in this event, not only have I made loads of new friends, but it has also improved my English.

I also like to do sport. I play badminton with my friends three times a week, tennis once a month, golfing once a week and going to the gym. Doing exercise not only helps me to improve my brain health but also helps to reduce the feeling of anxiety.