Lily Giang

BSc International Business and Finance

My name is Lily, and I am currently a first-year student studying International Business and Finance at the University of Leeds. Before coming to Leeds, I have been living in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Prior to this, I did my foundation programme in Business Law and Social Study in the Leeds International Study Centre in Headingley, Leeds. 

My journey to being an undergraduate at University of Leeds might be slightly different from my peers when I have already had one year in the university in my home country. After one year of deferring my study plan in the United Kingdom due to the emergence of coronavirus, I firmly decided University of Leeds would be my ideal destination for further education. 

Besides a long-standing history in teaching Business there, the University genuinely captivates me by its worldwide reputation of Leeds University Business School as well as its high ranking in Finance (top 5 in the UK, according to The Complete University Guide 2022). University of Leeds is also well-known for its multicultural campus which attracts students from more than 130 countries and this can better equip me for working in a global environment. 

The decision of making University of Leeds as my firm choice has been one of my best choices. Above-listed things are the reasons for me choosing University of Leeds. The university impressed me even more when I had just started my studies. 

University of Leeds offers students world-class facilities such as four main libraries in the university creating inspirational settings for students. My favourite spot to study would be the Edward Boyle Library located right in the heart of the campus. If I spend too much time writing and reading, I will then go to the Edit Room on the ground floor of the library to enjoy their high-quality coffee, take a break and relax from my studies. 

University of Leeds is a vibrant environment with students coming from different backgrounds. Joining societies is a great opportunity to meet new friends and even build your CV beyond academics. Leeds University Union has over 300 clubs from Sports, Academic, to Volunteering, you will find a place for yourself and friends who share the same passions as you. Besides, there are also lots of activities and events on LUU Website. This will be a great chance to try new things. Being an international student, I have really pushed myself to experience local uni life and culture. I am currently a member of Leeds University Business School Society and Women in Leadership Society. 

Being a compact city and easy to get around, Leeds has its own reputation for beautiful historical setting, cultural excellence and a vibrant vibe. The thing I love most here is that Leeds is the home to art and culture. Beyond the galleries and museums (the Leeds Art Gallery, Henry Moore Institute and the Leeds City Museum), it is also the host of many festivals: Leeds Festival, Leeds International Film Festival. There is even more for you to explore! 

You can also easily travel to other cities from Leeds with just direct trains to both the North and South of England. Whenever I want to take my time and have a study break, my first priority is to seek out tranquillity. There’s no need to travel far – just half an hour by bus and I can be in a gentle landscape in the Yorkshire countryside, getting back to nature in the open air and enjoying a huge selection of outdoor activities there. Overall, I would say Leeds is a city of diversity and a warm welcome.