Admissions guidance for courses in the Lifelong Learning Centre

This information applies to courses offered by the Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) and should be used in addition to the main University of Leeds taught admissions policy.

Entry requirements

The LLC will accept Level 2 Functional Skills English in lieu of GCSE English.


For part-time courses a second reference will be required where candidates apply for a course involving placements e.g. Learning & Teaching, Child & Family Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies with Preparation for Higher Education. Candidates should note that these references will be followed up. Forms are considered in their entirety by the admissions tutor.

Access to Leeds and Realising Opportunities

Eligible Access to Leeds and Realising Opportunities candidates will be considered for an alternative offer. This applies to all LLC courses except for the following extended degrees which already have lower entry requirements than Access to Leeds:

  • BA Arts and Humanities with Foundation Year
  • BA Interdisciplinary Studies with Foundation Year
  • BSc Business Studies with Foundation Year
  • BSc Interdisciplinary Science with Foundation Year
  • BSc Studies in Science with Foundation Year

Advanced entry

Accredited prior learning (APL) is a process undertaken by the University in order to assess and, as appropriate, recognise prior experiential learning or prior certified learning for academic purposes.  For further information see the Advanced Entry section of the University of Leeds taught admissions policy.

Active participation in the course of study is core to the learning experience provided by LLC courses.  In some cases this explicitly draws upon the experience, skills and knowledge that members of the group bring from prior experience and learning.  Exemption from any part of a course through the Accreditation of Prior Learning is, normally, considered only in a limited number of cases set out below.

Degree courses

120 credits may be allowed for those with a relevant Certificate of Education (120 credits or equivalent) for:

  • FD Learning & Teaching
  • FD Learning & Teaching (SEND)

APL may be considered in relation to specific modules on an individual student basis for:

  • FD Child & Family Studies
  • BSc Business Management and Leadership
  • BA Professional Studies

Apprenticeship courses

APL may be considered in relation to specific modules on an individual student basis for:

  • FD Healthcare for Assistant Practitioners
  • FD Nursing Associate
  • Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Application routes and deadlines

  • Applicants for full-time LLC courses must apply via the UCAS website. The deadlines are set by UCAS.
  • Applicants for part-time LLC courses should request an application pack from the LLC (email The deadline for 2022 entry is 13 September 2022. Applications after this date may be considered on a case by case basis. 
  • Applications for apprenticeships are managed by the applicants employer using the LLC Direct Entry application form.

Internal transfers

Internal transfers are not possible for full-time extended degree courses with foundation year except for BSc Studies in Science. For all other courses the LLC will accept applications from applicants who wish to transfer internally from other courses at the University of Leeds. Such applicants are expected to meet the standard entry requirements for the course they wish to transfer to.

Re-applications and former students of the University

The LLC will consider applications from those who have previously applied to the Institution.

The LLC considers all applications to all LLC courses, except for its extended degree courses with foundation year, from candidates who have previously studied at the institution in line with the University of Leeds taught admissions policy.


The LLC will consider applications from those who are re-taking examinations prior to entering the University.

Deferral requests

The LLC does not accept applications for deferred entry onto its full-time extended degree courses with foundation year.

Applicants applying for other LLC courses who wish to defer following submission of their application are required to do so prior to the confirmation of a place.  Applicants would normally apply for deferred entry for one academic year only.  If an applicant wishes to defer again, they must reapply and contact the LLC.

Personal statements

The personal statement of the application form helps us to assess the nature of interest in the academic subject and is an important part of the selection process. It is essential that applicants take this opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm and aptitude for the academic subject. We wish to hear about:

  • Your reasons for applying to this course.  What interests you about the subject matter and course?  How do you see yourself benefiting from your studies?
  • Your experience of study.  Have you recently undertaken any study, training or personal development that shows your capacity to commit to a course of learning?  What strengths and skills do you bring from your experience of study?  Are there any factors that have limited what you have been able to achieve that we should take into account?
  • Your range of skills, knowledge and experience.  Do you already have some knowledge of the subject/s that you are proposing to study at University?  What have you learnt from experience (e.g. hobbies, personal interests, professional or voluntary work) that could be relevant for your future studies.


Interviews form part of the LLC’s standard admissions process and are structured to provide fuller evidence of the candidate’s academic potential, aptitude for the course and, where relevant, professional experience.  Applicants should be ready to discuss each of these areas, remembering the importance of skills and knowledge that they have acquired through informal as well as formal learning.  Applicants may be asked to complete a task as part of the interview. The interview also provides opportunity for an applicant to ask questions about their proposed course of study and for the admissions tutor to be sure that the candidate has made a properly informed choice.

Where possible the LLC will accommodate requests for alternative interview dates, however an alternative cannot be guaranteed.

Appeals and complaints

As per the University of Leeds taught admissions policy, applicants who have sought feedback and wish to challenge the decision made on their application should contact the Head of School, whose details can be found in the Useful contacts section that follows.

Useful contacts

For Lifelong Learning Centre admissions enquiries, contact the relevant course:

For Lifelong Learning Centre apprenticeship enquiries, email:

For all Lifelong Learning Centre admissions complaints and appeals please contact Lindsey Fraser, Interim Director of the Lifelong Learning Centre. Email: