Nathaniel Brown

MA Design

I have a graphic design background and have been working in the industry for the past 10 years. Doing a Masters has changed the way I think about designing things, and provided me with the best skills to progress my career. I had the opportunity to work on a live brief for the patient support group, LIVErNORTH.

We produced an infographic video and accompanying leaflet for people with liver disease, using impactful design to help people understand complex information. LIVErNORTH featured the video on their website, and the NHS may also use the resource. It was a great learning experience. 

Doing my Masters has allowed me to adapt and develop my design skill set unimaginably. The University has lots of facilities available to students, including fully-equipped Mac studios and advanced research apparatus, such as eye-tracking equipment. 

For my final project I’m developing sustainable packaging for e-commerce shopping. I’ve been encouraged to explore the latest technology to help me understand the future of design. Your imagination can run wild. I’ve been able to work with other creatives and bounce ideas off other people. 

I’ve really appreciated being able to study part time too, as I’ve got an 18-month old baby. My lecturers and tutors have been so supportive in helping me balance my studies with family life.

I chose to study again in Leeds after completing my bachelors here 10 years ago – I couldn’t imagine studying in any other city in the UK.