Interdisciplinary Research Network for Time

Interdisciplinary Research Network for Time

Solving today’s global challenges depends not only upon the actions we take in the present, but on how we view yesterday and how we plan for tomorrow.

Our network takes three global challenges – climate change, social inequity and productivity – to generate ideas for research.

We aim to bring together physicists, astronomers, geologists, psychologists, social scientists, historians, prehistorians, artists, economists, philosophers, policymakers, organisations and the community to confront and blend viewpoints – for interdisciplinary research that makes a global impact.

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    Find out how we're responding to grand challenges, including the climate and environmental crises, disaster risk reduction, socio-economic inequalities, questions of identity, our ageing population, and economic productivity.

    A sand timer in an arid landscape, featuring the planet Earth dripping through the sand glass.
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    Discover the benefits of joining our network and contribute to a challenge-led research community.

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Our team

Our network draws on a community across the University of Leeds and connected organisations.