DAAD prize for undergraduate student Christina Katsianis


Undergraduate student in German and Economics, Christina Katsianis, has been presented with a prize for her entry in a national competition run by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Students from colleges and universities across the UK were invited to share their vision of Germany in 2051 using words and images. Christina's artwork received praise from competition judges when she she attended the awards night held at the headquarters of the DAAD in London in December.

Describing her work, Christina explains that "the main idea expressed is that of the mental 'Mauer im Kopf' (depicted in the mind of the skeleton), which will be well-known to students of German. This is the idea that although the Berlin wall has fallen as a physical barrier, it still exists in the minds of the German people. Social integration is the key theme of this painting and hints at the integration of the nation's large German-Turkish population. Economic integration is also featured in the form of the map of Europe. In 2051 I think the German economy will continue to be at the centre of Europe.

I was very pleased to be invited to the award ceremony in London. It was a very pleasant evening and a pleasure to be a part of. If people take a particular interest in any of their annual competitions in the future, I would strongly advise taking part."

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