EU Referendum: Statement


Statement from Vice-Chancellor, Sir Alan Langlands

"The outcome of the EU referendum which is in favour of the UK leaving the European Union means that we are likely to face a period of political and economic volatility, followed by a systematic redefinition of our relationship with other European countries.

The task over the next few weeks and months is to ensure that the University faces these new challenges with clarity, purpose and confidence.

Leeds is a great University with an enduring commitment to excellence in education and research and a strong international outlook.

We will work tirelessly to ensure that students, academics and our wider group of staff from Europe can continue to study and work in our University.

The University is home to some of the brightest and best minds from across Europe, ensuring our academic success and contributing to economic growth.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that this continues to be the case and, of course, we will continue to be an attractive and welcoming destination for UK students and staff and many others from around the world.

For at least the next couple of years, I do not envisage any material change to the status of current and prospective EU students and staff.

They bring expertise, vitality and diversity to our campus and we will work hard to ensure that they are properly supported at all times.

We also believe that the University’s study abroad programmes and our involvement in Horizon 2020, the Erasmus + scheme and the Marie Curie Fellowship Scheme will remain unchanged during this period of transition.

The University’s commitment to academic development and effective financial stewardship is firm and we will discuss our up-to-date assessment of the implications of the referendum result at the July meetings of Senate and Council.

Students and staff who may be affected by the referendum will be offered advice and support by the University on a regular basis as the national policy position becomes clearer.

Leeds is an international university in a City that looks outwards; our determination to attract and welcome talent from across Europe and around the world is undiminished." 

Alan Langlands


24 June 2016

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