University of Leeds statement: University investments and Climate Active Strategy.

The University of Leeds’ endowment portfolio is managed by Sarasin & Partners, a specialist asset manager.

Sarasin & Partners takes account of social, environmental and ethical considerations in the selection of investments, as part of its normal investment research and analysis process.

The University adopted Sarasin & Partners’ Climate Active Strategy in May 2018, the purpose of which is to drive behavioural change supporting decarbonisation via a combination of divestments and engagement.

Implementation of this Climate Active Strategy triggered the sale of Global Equity Funds, which held underlying investments in a large number of companies.

This resulted in sale of the University’s indirect holdings in Airbus, United Technologies and Keyence Corporation.

For bonds and equities, the University has moved from an indirect pooled investments approach, where the University has no control over the underlying stock selection, to a segregated approach.

This allows the University to implement the Climate Active Strategy as it invests directly and therefore has control over its holdings.