Annika Bremicker

Talking about
The Environmental Challenges Program of online courses

Watch Postgraduate Annika Bremicker discuss the Environmental Challenges Program on YouTube.

I came across the Environmental Challenges program when looking to find something that would complement my studies.

This program showed me a broader range of sustainability topics and it made me more determined to choose a career in the sustainability sector. 

Completing a credit bearing program of online courses on FutureLearn is a great way to see if you are really interested in the subject.  It is also a really flexible way of learning and you can adjust it to your daily time schedule. 

I really enjoying talking to people from many different backgrounds and seeing how they think from their perspectives.

Completing a CPD program is great for my professional and my personal development. Earning extra credits shows to future employers that I am willing to go the extra mile. 

I was really impressed by the academics on the program as they are really committed and I would recommend the Environmental Challenges program to friends and colleagues that want to acquire some more knowledge on the subject.  

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