Bethany Madden

MA Global Governance and Diplomacy
Talking about
Postgraduate study

“I studied my undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds and thoroughly enjoyed the four years, so I decided to stay to complete my Masters at Leeds as well. The teaching is high-quality and the staff are very supportive and will go above and beyond to help you.

I have loved my experience at University of Leeds. I have experienced significant personal growth and will leave the university more confident and self-assured than when I began in 2017. I have made friendships that will last for a lifetime and will maintain connections with the university through my school and societies for years to come. 

The teaching staff in my school have been invaluable to improving my confidence in my academic ability, particularly my personal tutor and dissertation tutor. They have often been on hand in and out of office hours for me to ask questions or discuss personal challenges that I have faced during my studies.

During my final year of my Bachelor degree, my mum was in a life-changing accident which left her hospitalised for 12 months. The teaching staff and support team in my school were incredibly understanding and I was accepted for mitigating circumstances which allowed me to continue my studies. I was also able to access help through the university counselling service to help me come to terms with mum’s condition.

The advice I would give to another postgraduate students coming to the University of Leeds is to join societies! I was actively involved in two societies (darts and women’s football), including being President of Darts Society this year, which have massively contributed to my positive experience at University of Leeds.

The societies are inclusive and welcoming and many of my friendships have been formed within them. As I took on committee roles, I have been able to discuss the experience on my CV and in job interviews. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to lecturers; they are there to support you in your studies.”

Bethany Madden was supported by the Plus Programme.