Mercy Medeh

MA Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
Talking about
Postgraduate study

“I chose the University of Leeds because it has a solid reputation in academia and robust research that meet the demands of the job market, remarkably combines skills and welcomes innovation. The exceptional campus has well-maintained vintage and modern buildings, with cutting-edge facilities for research and development in a protected natural environment.

It offers me a diverse network of friends from different social and ethnic backgrounds that has enhanced my awareness and sensitivity of other cultures. The contributions of outside professionals have taught me that half of the work I will do as a graduate is relational because being a good professional with a bad relational side is not a sign of success.

Advice and guidance through regular tutoring is helping me to disregard unrealistic academic expectations by focusing on my own academic performance. Participating in workshops improves my assimilation of concepts, writing skills and critical thinking. The large pool of outside contributors to my seminars prepares me for innovations and challenges in my specialty.

Group work is beneficial for study, prepares you for professional life and is instrumental in making friends from diverse socio cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It is important to collaborate and exchange experience with your classmates, update yourself with news in the field of your specialty because there are always novelties that may not be possible to find them in your lectures.

Some challenges I have faced include increased stress and anxiety, lack of sleep and motivation to study, fear of failure and poor time management. I sought help from Student Information Service that provided me with coaching sessions that booted my confidence, self-esteem and motivation to better organise my schedule. The spiritual support from the chaplaincy has also been helpful.

Going to the gym, swimming and climbing have increased my energy and improve my mental wellbeing. I am also a member of social clubs. The student discount is a motivation to participate in social activities in and around Leeds with my friends.

As a mature student, I have realised that a person is never too old, never too busy or never too clever to continue education or learning.”

Mercy Medeh was supported by the Plus Programme.