Video transcript: Plus Programme - Staff Information

Transcript for the video embedded on the Student Success Plus Programme page.


[Title: Plus Programme]

[A question appears on screen: What is the Plus Programme?]

[A photo of a person appears. Underneath it says they are Alex Ferguson, Plus Programme team.]

Alex says: The Plus Programme was born out of recognition that students from a widening participation background, in addition to being less likely to get to university in the first place, are less likely to finish their course, attain as highly or achieve the same graduate employment rates as their peers.

[A photo of a different person appears, underneath it says they are Lucy Holehan, Plus Programme team.]

Lucy says: The work all forms part of the access and participation plan a number of targets the university has set in cooperation with the office for students to improve the quality of opportunity for underrepresented groups in higher education


[The photo of Alex reappears]

Alex says: The Plus Programme acts as a support network for students from before they even arrive at the university through to when they leave helping them tap into the right resources to support them throughout their time at Leeds. 

[The photo of Lucy reappears]

Lucy says: We host social events and provide access to career support and pastoral advice.

We also provide funding for development opportunities to help boost students’

[The photo of Alex reappears]

Alex says: The type of students we work with includes care leaders, students who do not have parental support, students entering university from an area of low participation, undergraduate means-tested scholars, Leeds masters scholars, students from ethnicities underrepresented at university, Sanctuary Scholarship recipients, former young carers and students eligible for Access to Leeds, Reach for Excellence, Realising Opportunities and other contextual admission schemes. 

[Text on the screen says: this list is not exhaustive and is developed on an ongoing basis in response to the needs of different student groups.]

[A question appears on screen: What do students think about the Plus Programme?]

[A photo of a student appears on screen. Underneath it says Meegan Worcester, Sustainability and Environmental management BSc].

Meegan speaks: Just a nice place to actually meet people who are like-minded and who potentially were in similar circumstances to me.

[Text says: Four out of five Plus Programme students value our support – end of year student survey 2019/20. One in ten Plus Programme students might have considered leaving university without it – end of year student survey 2019/20.]

[A photo of a student appears on screen. Underneath it says Sean Stansill, Physics PhD].

Sean says: Whether it's something as simple as making me more confident helping me develop those soft skills that are so important for any job there's always that little bit of extra support there if you need it


[Text says: One in two Plus Programme students think it provides them with a sense of belonging – end of year student survey 2019/20.]

[A question appears: what role can you play?]

Lucy says: If you want to know which students you work with are on the Plus Programme or you're concerned about a Plus Programme student you work with and want to know what we can do, drop us a line at our email address 

[Email appears that says you can email The Plus programme at]

Alex says: If you have an event or activity you think your Plus Programme students would benefit from just let us know and we'll advertise it in our newsletters.

[A question appears: how can you encourage students to get involved?]


Lucy says: find out who your post programme students are encourage them to come forward with their needs so we can try to meet them if they talk about struggling to make friends encourage them to come to our social events and always remind them to check out our newsletters and website.

Alex says: if you think a student who is not currently registered with the plus program might be eligible encourage them to get in touch data shows that students who participate in the plus program have a better non-continuation rate.


Lucy says: but we need your help to reach every student who might need help to take their first steps with us to find out more please email us and check out our website.

[Text appears over an aerial photo of the University of Leeds campus. The text says you can email the Plus Programme at, or visit the website: For Students Plus Programme. The LinkedIn logo also appears and text says University of Leeds Plus programme on LinkedIn].