Video transcript: Make new friends with the University’s Welcome Buddy Scheme

Transcript for the video embedded on the Student Success Transition to university page.

[Music plays]

[The University of Leeds logo appears on screen]

[Voiceover begins:] coming to Leeds and want a ready-made friend to share it with?
Sign up for a welcome buddy to explore and have fun.

[Text appears that says:] Chat and connect, share and socialise, meet and compare notes.

[Voiceover]: we'll match you with a buddy based on your interests. Then you meet up whenever you like to talk about whatever you like.

[Text appears that says:] study and socialising, plans and ideas, places and experiences, this and that.

[Voiceover:] rather meet up with a group of students? You can ask to join one of our home groups as well.

With a current student host to help you find your way.

[Text appears that says:] conversations and connections, experience and discovery, fund and friendships.

[Voiceover:] Want to find out more or ready to sign up? Visit (Welcome Buddy pages).