Resources for Extended Project and IB tutors

On this page you will find the full suite of accompanying resources for the University of Leeds research and study skills sessions. Please note these materials are designed to be used in conjunction with sessions delivered by the Education Outreach team and are not complete lessons in themselves. If you are unsure about what you need to download, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Creating a survey
Data analysis

Disney on trial
Animating gender roles
Disney articles
Snow white and the seven lines

Grand Designs
Student exercises

Note taking
Article 1
Final ex
Example speech

Online researching
Student workbook

Peake into space
Group 1 resources
Group 1 resources - additional data
Group 2 additional ring plane
Group 2 plane
Group 2 resources
Group 2 resources - additional data
Group 3 resources

Research ethics
Facebook - Daily Mail article
Facebook - data policy
Facebook - PNAS article
Facebook - student workbook
Massai - student workbook

Slim by chocolate
Express article
Journal article
Press release

Time and project management
Challenge calendar
Challenge calendar tasks