Guide to registering for Leeds International Summer School

If you need assistance with any registration issues you can contact the Student Information Service Helpline Team, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Before you register, you need to set up your IT account.

Please follow the following steps carefully. We strongly advise using a laptop or computer. Please do not try to activate your IT account from your mobile device. 

How to complete your online registration

You can start your online registration after setting up your IT account.

  1. Go to the Student services website
  2. Sign in with your username (in the format and password 
  3. Click Registration.

The online registration system has seven sections that you must complete in order to become a University of Leeds student. You will see the sections on a checklist when you begin registration.

You must click on each section, and check that any details the University holds about you are correct. You should also provide any information that you are asked for. When you have completed a section, a small tick symbol will appear next to the section on the checklist.

How to complete each section on the checklist

  1. Personal details 1: check and confirm the details are correct.
  2. Personal details 2: check and confirm the details are correct.
  3. Addresses, telephone numbers and emergency contacts: check and confirm the details are correct. Your term time address is: Montague Burton, 23 Devon Road, Leeds, LS2 9BA.
  4. Sports membership: Premium sports membership is included for you as part of the LISS programme, so please select I do not wish to buy or upgrade an Edge membership and wish to continue with online registration.
  5. Programme of study details: Your programme will display as Non degree Leeds International Summer School and level one. All Leeds International Summer School (LISS) students enter at level one – this refers to your first year of study at Leeds and is not a reflection of your level at your home university. All you need to do in this section is click continue.
  6. Fee payments arrangements: Your fees will display as already paid. All you need to do in this section is click continue
  7. Student declaration: Read and confirm your student declaration. When you have fully completed all sections, a registration certificate will appear on your screen. Click the Print your registration certificate button to retrieve a version which you can save or print. Keep your registration certificate safe: you will need to show it when you collect your student ID card on arrival in Leeds. More information on where to collect your ID card will be provided before the start of LISS.