Video transcript: Further your career prospects with a part-time degree at the University of Leeds

Transcript for the video embedded on the Lifelong Learning Centre Our students page.


[A person is walking into a building foyer, they are greeted by another person wearing a lanyard who smiles and hands them a document. This is followed by a variety of footage which shows they are working in a school. The footage follows the first person walking into the building, chatting to other staff and in the classroom with young children who are smiling and laughing. 

[They provide a voiceover]

Originally, I hadn't considered coming to uni.

My manager at school had been to the SENCO conference in Leeds and had brought back to school leaflets saying about the Foundation Degree and the Top Up to a BA and were like “this has got your name written all over it.”

I've got children and I work full-time so I kind of just put it to back of my mind like I'm never going to be able to manage it.

If they didn't make you so aware of how accessible it is to talk to people and get support and get help I'd have been left on my own. 

[The person is sat at a desk and chats to a Lifelong Learning centre adviser]

But because they're just at the end of an email or at the end of a phone call - or I could even just pop in - there's always somebody there to help you.

[It’s graduation day. They are being dressed in their graduation gown. They walk into their ceremony which is in a grand building (The Great Hall) with other students in their graduation gowns].

And it has been hard work but I've really, really enjoyed it. I mean, I've learned so much and I've met lots and lots of people who I’d now class as really, really good friends.

[The person joins their partner and children outside and they hug each other, smiling.]

SEND stands for special educational needs and disabilities.

[The class of graduates pose outside on campus with their certificates for a group photo. They are smiling and chatting.]

Having a degree that has send on the end of it actually means a lot more for me personally my advice for anyone thinking about studying at the University of Leeds would be - go for it!

[The University of Leeds logo appears and text says: Think Beyond.]