Video transcript: Being an international student at the University of Leeds, studying in a different country – Keshav Bansal

Transcript for the video embedded on Keshav Bansal’s profile page

[Music playing]

[Large passenger aeroplane flying in a light orange sky.]

[A close up shot of an aeroplane wing during a flight, showing the land beneath the aeroplane.]

[Keshav Bansal walks in an airport past big windows which show the aeroplanes on the ground outside. The name ‘Keshav Bansal’ appears on the screen in white text.]

Keshav: When I arrived in Leeds, my mind was filled with emotions both with nervousness and of excitement.

[Keshav appears on screen, facing the camera, with a white background.]

[Keshav walks in an airport with aeroplanes on the ground outside in the background.]

Keshav: I was clueless about where to go. So thankfully there was a Leeds meet-and-greet service.

[Keshav walks towards two people in the airport wearing green ‘Welcome to Leeds’ t-shirts. They are stood smiling near a sign saying ‘University of Leeds – International Meet and Greet’. Keshav is smiling and shakes hands with one of the Meet and Greet team members. Keshav then chats with the team members outside a café in the airport.]

Keshav: I was welcomed with a lot of warmth. They answered any queries I had. They were really patient with me.

[An aerial shot of the University of Leeds campus.]

Keshav: As a fresher at university, there were a lot of new challenges. How do you open a bank account, for instance, and registering as a student.

[A group of students walk on campus. They walk towards a number of gazebo tents and university buildings.]

[An aerial shot of the University of Leeds campus, showing lots of people on campus, buildings and trees.]

[A shot of a sign that is lit up with the words ‘The Edit room’ and several light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.]

Keshav: There was an international student welcome team. They really helped me as they had all the information I required at one place. 

[Various shots of people talking and working on laptops in study areas at the University of Leeds.]

Keshav: It just gives you more confidence because I know that I had someone who was looking after me and who was there to guide me.

[A group of people sit chatting in a café area.]

Keshav: The best thing I like about Leeds is the people.

[Keshav laughs and smiles with a group of people as they have drinks. Keshav shakes hands with one of the group. There are other people stood in the background at the venue.]

Keshav: Now I have friends everywhere, in most of the places around the world. It really has added immensely to my experience.

[The University of Leeds logo appears on screen, in white, on a green background in the corner of the screen. The words ‘Think Beyond’ also appear in white in capital letters. The word ‘Think’ is in a white box.]