Keshav Bansal

Talking about
Being an international student

After I finished high school in India, I wanted to go to university in another country. I went to a University of Leeds seminar in New Delhi, where I learned about what Leeds and the UK was like. The University of Leeds was my favourite choice, so I was really pleased when I was accepted.

Video transcript: Being an international student at the University of Leeds, Studying in a different country – Keshav Bansal

I was a bit nervous coming to university because I’d never travelled alone before. It was a big relief when I saw the University of Leeds sign at the airport. The team were very friendly and helped me to get to my accommodation, where the staff helped me to settle in. The International Student Office helped me open a bank account and answered lots of questions I had about life in Leeds and the UK – they were very friendly and it was a really smooth process.

You’ll never feel alone in Leeds because your circle of friends can become your family. It’s a very global, cultural environment. I joined the Bollywood Dancing Society at Leeds University Union and even performed in a few shows! I’d recommend the University of Leeds to anyone looking to study in the UK. You can study anywhere in the world, but the opportunity to meet so many people from different backgrounds is only something you can do in places like Leeds.