Video transcript: Students share their top tips for Open Day at the University of Leeds

Transcript for the video embedded on the Open Days page Preparing for your visit.

Text says: Top Tips for your Open Day.

(Imogen is at Hyde Park Book Club with books in the background).

Imogen says: One of my top tips for your Open Day is to come in with an open mind, to experience everything, and to have a look around everywhere. Try and envision yourself living your life here, as you may be doing so very soon.

(Various shots of students on the University of Leeds campus).

(Megan is at Leeds Student Radio. Various shots show inside the studio).

Megan says: Go in with a completely open mind, whether it’s to do with your course, accommodation or societies. University is the perfect place to try something new.

(Various shots of students on the University of Leeds campus).

(Connor is overlooking the Great Hall).

Connor says: Speak to as many events ambassadors as possible. As these are students that have actually lived here for a few years and worked here. This will give you a proper insight into what student life is like at Leeds, and you’ll be able to decide if it’s something for you.

(Various shots in and around Leeds University Union including a rooftop terrace).

(Caitlin is at the Edge gym).

Caitlin says: Think about what you’re passionate about and what really matters most to you, and then go and explore it. Because ultimately, Open Day is your day.

(Katie is on West Campus in the School of Law).

Katie says: Make sure you go to your school again, have a look around and, see if you can really visualise yourself spending time there.

(Harriet is stood outside the Great Hall).

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is your opportunity to find out as much information as possible about university life.

(Various shots of the University of Leeds campus).

(Isaac is in a green space on campus).

Isaac says: Look around the Union and find out how you can engage in your passions, or even find new ones. There really is something here for everyone. I found my place in our theatre societies. Find yours at the Leeds Open Days. One day can change your life.

Text says: Open Days. One day could change your life: Book now