Isla Loness

Talking about
Clubs and societies

Isla threw herself into the Give it a Go sessions as she wanted to experience as many different things as possible. 

“The variety of clubs and societies at Leeds is incredible. I went to lots of Give it a Go sessions and tried everything I could. 

I had so many diverse and fascinating experiences. I joined the windsurfing, salsa and meditation societies, which I’d never done before. I thought I would feel embarrassed starting salsa but it was really easy to fit in and I loved it. They’re all so inclusive and welcoming and being able to talk to anybody has helped me to improve my confidence. 

The people I met through joining clubs and societies made my university experience. Some of my best memories came from just putting myself out there and trying new things.

At the end of the day, you want to come out of university as a well-rounded individual with lots of different experiences that you can talk about.”