Academic modules

The Leeds International Summer School runs for four weeks and comprises two modules, each lasting two weeks. Each module is worth 10 Leeds credits so by completing the four-week programme you will receive 20 Leeds credits, equivalent to six US or 10 ECTS credits. 

Choose your modules

There is a choice of modules in each block. If you are applying for the full four-week programme you should select one module from each block. If you are applying for the two-week programme you should select one module from your chosen block.

View the modules in block 1 and block 2.

Mix and match modules, or specialise in a particular subject area. You can choose from the suggested academic subject pairings below (this is not compulsory).

 Subject  Block 1 Block 2 
Arts and Humanities

Building Britain, 1700-1840: Industrial ‘Revolution’ or ‘Evolution’?

Creative Writing: Finding Voices 

Introduction to Special Effects in Filmmaking

Music in Film

Philosophy of Mind and Ethics: Dilemmas and Thought Experiments 

The English Country House: A Social History

British Literature and the Brontës

Essentials of the Music Business

Comedy, Performance and British Culture

Introduction to Digital Photography 


Business and Cultural Awareness: Bridging the Gap

Equity Portfolio Management 

Management in Organisations: Theories, Techniques and Decision Making

Entrepreneurship and Society: Ideas, Opportunities and Value Creation

Ethics for Business and Society

Engineering and Science

Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Plants

Natural Sciences: Global Challenges and Scientific Skills

Data Mining & Text Analytics 

Physiology and Microbiology in Action: Exploring Respiratory Health

Sport, Nutrition and Outdoor Education

Politics and Social Sciences

The Path to Justice: Criminal Law and Legal Skills

Wealth and Poverty: The Making of the Modern World

Education in the Media

Global Challenges in the Anthropocene: Health, Food Security and Climate Change

Introduction to Psychology: Perception, Cognition and Emotion

Credit transfer and transcripts

If you successfully complete the summer school you will receive a certificate of attendance and an official University of Leeds transcript with individual grades for each academic module you study.

The certificate of attendance is presented in the last week of the summer school. The transcript is sent out by post in September.

  • Students from partner universities: your transcript will be posted to the study abroad office (or equivalent) at your home institution. If you would like a copy, contact your home study abroad adviser from mid September onwards
  • Independent students: your transcript will be posted to your permanent home address as it is listed in the University’s computer system. Please update your permanent home address on Minerva before leaving Leeds. It is your responsibility to pass on your transcript to your home university so that they can assess your study abroad period and transfer credit if necessary

On successful completion of LISS you will earn up to 20 Leeds credits, equivalent to 10 ECTS or six US credits. Please contact us for details of how to transfer your credits. You should always discuss credit transfer with an academic adviser at your home university as arrangements can vary from institution to institution. 

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