The Cultural Institute is investigating the connections between arts and health. We’re bringing together researchers and artists to explore humanity’s most pressing questions around arts, health and wellbeing. 

Our researchers are exploring fields including sports science, medical humanities, the history of medicine and impact-orientated humanities research. 

We are sparking collaborations with a range of cultural partners to harness this wealth of activity. We will act as a broker with the creative and cultural sector, strengthening existing partnerships and helping to create new ones. We are organising a number of events, workshops, presentations and conferences.

Leeds Arts, Health and Wellbeing Network 

We are developing a city-wide Arts and Health and Wellbeing Network, in partnership with Leeds City Council and other organisations across Leeds. The network aims to connect clinicians and public health bodies with a range of organisations and arts professionals who are engaging in arts and health activities in Leeds. It will facilitate discussion between different sectors and enable its members to form collaborative groups in areas of shared interest.

Clinicians and public health practitioners, people who use arts and health services, their families, researchers who are investigating health and wellbeing through the lens of arts and culture, artists whose practice broadly addresses issues of health and wellbeing, creative and cultural sector professionals and third sector organisations are all invited to sign up to join. Sign up to the Leeds Arts, Health and Wellbeing network.

Past events

On Thursday 20 June 2019 we hosted a Young People, the Arts, and Mental Health conference at our Nexus building on campus. We brought together cultural professionals, clinicians, youth workers and academics to consider how we could collectively work with children and young people to improve their mental health outcomes, through cultural participation. Through workshops, presentations, performances and panel discussions we enabled lively conversation and shared Arts and Health research, policy and practice.

In June 2018, over 120 delegates attended the Institute’s inaugural ‘Arts and Health’ symposium. Researchers from ten academic schools rubbed intellectual shoulders with artists, creative and cultural sector professionals, public health practitioners and third sector organisations.