David Ibitson and Madeleine Newman

Talking about
Teaching Arts and Humanities during the COVID-19 pandemic

David Ibitson, Teaching Fellow (Arts and Humanities), and Madeleine Newman, Teaching Fellow and Programme Leader for our Arts and Humanities Foundation Year, have presented conference papers reflecting on how the Arts and Humanities can help us explore and debate, and express histories of, the world in which we live.

David and Madeleine have considered how teaching Modernity during the COVID-19 lockdowns led them to reconfigure and innovate the Level 0 (Foundation Year) curriculum. They presented a paper titled ‘On or about March 2020, the world changed: Teaching Modernity during COVID-19’ at the Foundation Year Network 2021 conference, and are also working on developing this paper as an ongoing research project. 

Their research puts forward the concept of a lockdown curriculum as a strategy for interdisciplinary arts and humanities to acknowledge the changed circumstances of our world. They continue to reflect on how we study and teach history, arts and context following the pandemic.