System Integration Innovation Centre

The System Integration Innovation Centre (SIIC) will have the ability to simulate complex signalling systems – conventional and digital – EMC emission testing, power electronics and digital twins.

This allows a whole system integration capability, linked to both the ITF and VTF test facilities, producing a system that is at the forefront of current world capability.

The centre also includes teaching facilities for upskilling, industry incubation hubs and laboratories.

It will allow academics from different disciplines to work together in areas such as:

  • System integration and optimisation
  • Existing and future rail systems
  • Robotics and mechatronics
  • Internet of trains: digital railways
  • Vehicle dynamics and tribology
  • Systems security
  • Socio-economic

Our expertise 

Research into signalling and command and control will be led by Professor Ronghui Liu from the Institute for Transport Studies. Professor Liu has extensive experience in automatic train operation and digital railway systems such as the European Rail Traffic Management System.

Digital systems research will be led by Professor Andy Kemp and his team from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. They have extensive experience in railway communications including enabling technologies for the Internet of Trains (including 5G and machine to machine communications).

Smart energy systems, energy storage and electrification will be led by Professor Kang Li, Professor of Smart Energy Systems, and his team from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering