Video transcript: International Foundation Year: Campus life at the University of Leeds

Transcript for the video on the Arriving in Leeds page.


[People are shown walking across campus, up the Parkinson building steps and outside Leeds University Union (LUU)]

[Victor, an International Foundation Year Engineering and BEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering student appears on the screen]

Victor: I think the campus is a lovely place. It's accessible, it's like a small community. 

Everything is linked together; the classrooms, the accommodation and the sporting facilities. 

[People are shown swimming in the pool, working out in the gym and playing basketball at the Edge]

They have got a swimming pool, gym and also a basketball court, an indoor and outdoor football court, climbing and a sauna, where you can just relax. Even yoga. And there are some classes you can enrol yourself onto.

[People are shown walking outside LUU and sitting at tables] 

The Uni of Leeds is a place where you get to socialise and meet different people from around the world, different societies and embrace culture, embrace other people's language. 

For instance, there’s an Afro-Caribbean society, there’s a Kuwaiti society, Indian society. So many societies from different nations come together and that helps to build your social skills. You make lots of friends from different departments.

[The Laidlaw Library appears on the screen and students are shown working in various library study spaces] 

The library facilities are good. It’s a good place to do your work. It’s very cosy. 

They've got a quiet study room for if you want to study in a quiet place or study

They’ve got a facility where you can go have a group meeting together if you are given a group project. 

[People are shown sitting in the bars on campus and walking outside LUU]

The campus actually helps you to balance your social life and your academic life so you’ve got three clubs, you’ve got two to three bars where you can go watch football with your friends. 

In the Union, there’s a social desk, so there's social welfare if you're not feeling fine. If you are depressed, you can go talk to them.

[Students are showing working at desks in University halls, walking through kitchens and playing pool and table tennis]

I was in student halls in my first year. Student halls was one of the things that helped me in adapting to the University’s environment because was an opportunity for me to make lots of friends from many places around the world.

It was an opportunity for me to learn other people's foods, learn other people's way of greeting. So it was a good opportunity for me.

I've got a good set up for a student life.