Ishan Lee

MA Advertising and Marketing

Video transcript: Masters internship at the University of Leeds – Ishan Lee

I’d already gained a Masters degree in India. I was working in a media company in Bombay and doing well, but something was missing. I needed a new perspective. I wanted to learn and be immersed in a different culture.  

I knew I didn’t want to study for a PhD, so I had to pick a Masters that would give me new skills. My background was in advertising, working with creative brands and planning campaigns, so I chose MA Advertising and Marketing.

I did my research into Leeds – the course, the university and the campus looked good. I had a webinar session with the programme director. That gave me the reassurance I needed. Leeds was my first and only choice.

The University gives you opportunities for placements and work experience. I spotted the Leeds Internship Programme, which offers University of Leeds students opportunities with local businesses. I wanted a hands-on role to complement what I was studying. My internship was with Leeds City Council, running their social media for Light Night, an annual arts and light festival in the city centre. 

Social media is constantly evolving, with newer tools, newer ways to talk to people. I wanted to strengthen my experience in this area and I wasn’t disappointed. My work on Light Night built on my existing theoretical understanding and gave me chance to put my learning into practice. I learned people skills too.

Leeds has been a fantastic place for me – it’s given me a perfect balance of academic learning and work experience, with friends from all around the world.