Video transcript: Masters internship at the University of Leeds – Ishan Lee

Transcript for the video embedded on the masters professional development page and Ishan Lee’s profile page

[Music playing]

[Ishan Lee sits in a room at a long white table, looking at a computer tablet and writing in a notepad.]

Ishan: I've been in India for the last 25 years.

[Ishan appears on screen with a coloured world map in the background. The text ‘Ishan Lee, In the Global Lounge, Leeds University Business School’ appears on screen.]

Ishan: I worked in the media industry for about four years before I decided to come here for my masters.

[Ishan scrolls on a computer tablet.]

Ishan: But when you spend enough time in a country exploring the length and breadth of it there comes a point where you need to know a little bit more about yourself. 

[Ishan walks on the University of Leeds campus, the sun is shining and there are buildings and trees in the foreground.]

Ishan: And I decided the best way forward was to put myself in a situation that I’ve never been before.

[Various wide and close up shots of Ishan walking past buildings on the University of Leeds campus, with people walking in the background.]

Ishan: No better way than to come to a global institution with people from all around the world and test your ideas. Leeds has always been the talk of town in top universities in India. Leeds research is used all over the world - it had exactly the course I was looking for.

[Ishan sits on a bench on the University of Leeds campus, surrounded by green space, looking at a computer tablet. There is a building in the background.]

Ishan: The Leeds internship that I did was for Light Night Leeds with the Leeds City Council. 

[Ishan takes a photo with a camera phone in Leeds City Centre at night. There is queuing traffic in the background.]

Ishan: It's an annual light and projection festival that happens across Leeds.

[Ishan wears a purple jacket with the text ‘Light Night’ on the back. Ishan is taking a photo with a phone of a light display on one of the buildings in Leeds. The display shows a heart lighting up. There is a close-up shot of Ishan taking the picture and you can see the image on the phone.]

Ishan: I have to manage the social media aspect of it.

[A person performs aerial gymnastics on a rope in a large venue, the square panels of the roof are visible in the background.]

Ishan: When you're a student of social media and you get to test those things while studying, it's fantastic.

[In a busy venue, with crowds of people in the foreground, Ishan takes a picture on a phone of the person performing aerial gymnastics.]

[Crowds watch the person performing aerial gymnastics. There is a close up shot of a person clapping.]

Ishan: So you are continually learning as you perform so that was the platform that was – it was a fantastic experience there.

[A person performs aerial gymnastics in a large venue, surrounded by crowds. The square panels of the roof are visible in the background.]

Ishan: No matter which professional side I embark on it gives me a holistic environment now, opens my perspective to break free from that mechanical mold of sales, and see things differently.

[Crowds gather around Leeds Town Hall at night, part of the venue is lit up.]

[ A series of shots from Light Night Leeds - a number of mannequins decorated in neon paints and a building lit up with artwork.]

Ishan: The internship programme with Leeds really helped me, it helped me project my thoughts and ideas in different environments from classroom, to office, to the festival. 

[Ishan texts on a phone.]

[Ishan is dressed in a Light Night jacket, with a staff lanyard, and is showing two people the Light Night programme and chatting to them on a busy street at night. There are people walking about in the background.]

Ishan: It's not just the degree, the University gives you an opportunity beyond that.  

[Ishan walks through an archway that has ‘Actual Reality Arcade’ written on it, dressed in a Light Night jacket, with a staff lanyard. There are other people in the background.]

[Two children laugh and smile as they play a game in the Actual Reality Arcade.]

Ishan: But the experiences that you will gain by letting yourself go and immersing yourself in this environment it's going to broaden the way you think.

[Members of a band, dressed in silver costumes, bang drums that light up as they parade down a busy street at night, with onlookers watching and taking photographs.]

[Ishan takes a photo on a phone of a DJ, in brightly coloured clothes and wearing gold-coloured chains and a baseball hat, performing  in a silver box on the street. The box is lit up.]

Ishan: The journey has been life changing.

[ A white box appears on a yellow background and then disappears, then the University of Leeds logo appears in white.]