Video transcript: virtual campus tour

Transcript of video linked to from the International campus tours page.

(Students Emily and George stand in front of a modern statue called Sign for Art which is black and has two vertical wavy lines).

Emily: Hi guys, welcome to the University of Leeds. I'm Emily, I'm a fourth year Environmental Science student here at the University.

George: And my name is George and I'm a third year student studying criminal justice and criminology,and today we're going to do a virtual campus tour,we really hope you enjoy.

(Camera shows outside of Great Hall, and then Emily standing outside the entrance arch and black iron gates.)

Emily: As you can see behind me, this is the Great Hall. It’s one of the oldest buildings that we have here on campus and it's why Leeds gets it’s nickname as a red brick university.

(Camera pans out to larger view of the red brick great hall with its spires and stained glass window.)

Emily: Inside, it's really grand and so it's a really nice place to have your final graduation ceremony.

(Shot of audience in the great hall watching a presentation on the stage.)

Emily: And also other major events throughout the year.

(Back to Emily in front of the main entrance of the Great Hall.)

Emily: It's also a really nice place to get those final graduation photos when you finish your degree.

(Shot of the Laidlaw Library on the main road, with students and traffic whizzing past as the video is sped up.)

(Shot of George in front of Laidlaw library – he points back at the building.)

George: Behind me just here is Laidlaw Library, the state-of-the-art library here on campus.

Now here is where you'll find some really nice collaborative spaces to work with your friends.

(Camera pans around a working space with comfortable chairs and pods with students sitting together, chatting and working.)

George: Laidlaw Library is also highly sustainable, powered from head to toe with solar panels - it even has a beehive on the roof.

(Panoramic shot of Laidlaw where you can see solar panels on top of the building.)

George: Now on a side note, if you're looking for some r&r, Laidlaw also has it all. It's got a lovely coffee shop, that I tend to frequent quite often.

(Sped-up version of students walking around campus and then cuts to Emily walking on a path through grass and flowers.)

Emily: So this is the Sustainability Garden. It's a really nice green space that we have right at the heart of campus.

(Shot of bee on lavender plant.)

Emily: It helps to promote the biodiversity, which is something that I really like. You can also volunteer to learn more about which plants you can eat, and different types of gardening and permaculture.

(Hazy shot of pink/red rose.)

Emily: It's just something that's really great to get involved with.

(Panoramic shot of the large white and red Parkinson building cuts to George standing on the steps outside the main entrance.)

George: Welcome to the Parkinson building. This building is Grade II listed and is also the logo for the University. As such, this landmark can be seen from miles away.

(Panoramic shot of Parkinson building showing its distinctive clock tower.)

George: So, if you're ever in a hurry, or you're lost just take a look up in the sky, look at this building and you will be found.

So inside the Parkinson building there is a plethora of things going on.

Downstairs, you may well have classes, however, most of the things are going on upstairs.

Throughout the semester you will see that there are many fairs and things going on on the main floor,there's also a lovely cafe.

And last, but certainly not least, is the magical Brotherton Library.

(Students read at wooden tables in the Brotherton Library.)

George: This library is the fourth largest research library in the UK.

(Shot of different parts of the library, including historic green light fittings and a group of people working at a large wooden desk with bookcases in the background.)

(Shot of students walking in the central precinct.)

(Shot of Emily outside pointing to the Students Union.)

Emily: Here I am outside the Student Union,it's a real heart of campus life here at the University.There's always stuff going on inside for everyone,there's things from bars, clubs and even my favourite coffee shop, which is located just in the basement.

It's a real great place to catch up with friends as there's always stuff going on for you to get involved with.

Like, where I'm stood right now, there's usually a farmers market during the term time.

(Shot of students smiling and looking at potted herbs at a market.)

Emily: And also things like vintage clothing sales and it's always got a really nice atmosphere about it.

(Shot of student ordering from vintage catering van.)

Emily: It was also awarded and excellence award by the National Union of Students a few years ago, and was the first ever union to do so, it's a real great place to be.

(Panoramic shot of Ziff building changes to George outside the building.)

George: Here at the Ziff building, there are many forms of university support under one roof.

(A student looking around their room.)

George: So whether you are seeking further enquiries about your accommodation, or an international student requiring support, or even if you're enquiring about studying abroad.

(Shot of palm trees and then someone running on the beach holding an Australian flag.)

George: The Ziff building can accommodate your needs.

Message on screen reads: Thanks for joining us. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Leeds.