Leeds Movement and Physical Activity Interdisciplinary Network - InterActiveUoL


InterActiveUoL is a cross-disciplinary and cross-partnership network aimed at facilitating innovative research that can help solve today’s complex health challenges.

We are working together to develop joint solutions to improve health and well-being, tackle health inequalities and prevent ill health.

Our network consists of researchers from different disciplines across the University of Leeds and beyond as well as external partners at local, regional, national, and global levels with an interest in movement and physical activity.

We host events, workshops, and seminars to share knowledge and connect people within and outside the University of Leeds. We also work together to develop research-funding bids and provide consultancy, advice, and service evaluation based on our research experience to help organizations. 

By working together and sharing expertise, knowledge, and skills across disciplines, the network aims to put Leeds at the global forefront of movement and physical activity research.

Dr Shaunna Burke, Network Co-Lead

Our research pillars

Our network draws on a wide range of methodological expertise including clinical trials, qualitative analysis, molecules and animal models, participatory and arts-based techniques, and systematic and rapid reviews.

  • Healthy ageing

    We're conducting research into the effects of exercise on the cardiovascular health and skeletal muscle function of older adults to reduce the risk of falls, improve frailty, and promote wellbeing in older age.

    A woman on a bike cycling on a path.
  • Rehabilitation and prevention

    Discover our new approaches to surgery preparation and recovery, the restoration of motor function after damage to the nervous system, recovery from disease and injury, and ways to reduce health inequalities.

    A man on a rowing machine, supported by a clinician.
  • Health technologies

    From digital phenotypes to artificial intelligence and wearable technology to remote diagnostics, our network members are working on novel solutions to measure and modify physical activity and eating behaviours.

    A wheelchair user using assistive technology with a person accompanying them.
  • Behaviour change and wellbeing

    We're working together to develop new behaviour modification strategies and interventions to help healthy adults, youth, and patients adopt physically active lifestyles and manage their weight.

    A wheelchair user exercising with resistance bands.

Get involved

The network provides opportunities for anyone with an interest in movement and physical activity to foster connections, share ideas across disciplinary boundaries, drive policy change and be at the forefront of research and innovation.