Past events

Review our previous networking activities, including events with guest speakers exploring a range of topics.


Movement, Physical Activity and Older People

25 January 2022 11am – 12pm

The seminar consisted of short 5-minute presentations from our speakers followed by 30 minutes of questions and discussion.

Speakers and topics

  • Alinka Greasley (School of Music) – The Role of Music in Promoting Physical Activity in Older Adults.
  • Alison Divine (School of Biomedical Sciences) – The Impact of a Mobility Aid on Gait and Cognition in Alzheimer's.
  • Sarah Mackie (School of Medicine) – The Red Squirrel Project: Physical Activity and Recovery from Polymyalgia Rheumatica.
  • Sarah Astill (School of Biomedical Sciences) – Dance On: Using Dance to Increase Physical Activity and Modify Risk Factors for Falls.
  • Simon Howell (School of Medicine) – Prehabilitation for the Older Surgical Patient: Practical Intervention or Pious Hope?

Overcoming Barriers to Movement and Physical Activity

20 April 2022 11am – 12pm

The seminar included 10-minute presentations from four speakers followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

Speakers and topics

  • Anna Anderson (Institute of Rheumatic & Musculoskeletal Medicine) – Overcoming barriers to knee replacement prehab: insights from a Virtual Knee School.
  • Nik Lomax (School of Geography) – Physical activity insights from mobile phone accelerometer data.
  • Karen Burland Clark (School of Music) – Music as a palette of opportunity – perspectives from music therapy.
  • Dani Abulhawa (School of Performance and Cultural Industries).

Co-production in Mental Health and Physical Activity Research

20 July, 2-4pm 

First joint seminar between LIMRHN and InterActiveUoL

Speakers and topics

  • Gemma Traviss-Turner and Lauren Walker (School of Medicine) – Supporting Physical Activity through Co-production in people with Severe Mental Illness (SPACES): Developing and evaluating an intervention aimed at increasing the physical activity of people with severe mental illness.
  • Rachael O’Connor (School of Law) – Co-creating student-focused research with under-represented students.
  • Maria Horne (School of Healthcare) – Using participatory approaches in promoting physical activity engagement among older adults.
  • Siobhan Hugh-Jones (School of Psychology) – Experiences of co-producing research: what are we learning? 
  • Rory Wells and Scotty Bell (Touchstone) – Reflections and challenges from the community.

Methods, Measurements and Outcomes seminar

9 September 2022

Speakers and topics

  • Lucy Eddy (School of Psychology) – Developing a School-Based Screening Tool for Fundamental Movement Skills.
  • Kate Pangbourne (Institute for Transport Studies) – Can in-app messaging increase walking and cycling without additional incentives? 
  • Fiona Bartoli (Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine) – Measurements in Physical Activity in Preclinical Studies: Roles of Endothelial Piezo1 Channels in Skeletal Muscle Function.
  • Ilaria Pina (School of Biomedical Sciences) – Should we move beyond physical activity cutpoints?

Healthy Ageing Workshop

Workshop on interdisciplinary Movement and Physical Activity research held on campus on 28 September, 2pm – 4pm.

It brought together colleagues in the network and across campus with diverse areas of expertise and methodologies working in research areas aligned to the broad theme of “healthy ageing”.

The aim of the workshop was to foster interdisciplinary thinking and develop ideas for working together on collaborative research projects.

We discussed the vision for InterActive becoming an entity that provides opportunities to place Leeds at the heart of world-leading healthy ageing research.

The workshop also provided an overview of different healthy ageing funding calls and involved small group discussions on grand challenges. 

Healthy Ageing Seminar Series: Frailty and Ageing

10 November 2022

  • Samit Chakrabarty (School of Biomedical Sciences) – Designing diagnostics and therapies based on elucidation of motor execution.
  • Susan Grant-Muller (Institute for Transport Studies – Transport Infrastructure and Ageing) - The potential of mobility-related technologies in improving access and reducing population health exposure.
  • Melanie Burke (School of Psychology) – Tackling frailty by improving cognition: A brain and behaviour intervention.
  • Christopher Parrish (St James's Institute of Oncology and University of Leeds) – The TRAnsFORM study - using biophysical assessments to augment frailty-adapted cancer therapy.

Interaction with researchers from Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

7 December 2022, 10am-11am. Psychology Building, room 1.33

A joint event between LIMHRN and InterActiveUoL. Zoe Jackson, Megan Garside and Amelia Taylor from the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust talk about their ongoing projects:

  • CONIFAS aims to co-produce a nature-based intervention specifically for children and young people with ADHD with children, families, and professionals who have lived experience of ADHD. 
  • SoundFields aims to utilize a co-design panel (children, parents and mental health professionals) to develop and evaluate a low-cost implementation of the virtual reality ‘game’ for treatment of auditory hypersensitivity for children with autism.
  • Safety Nets is a feasibility study of a community-based social prescribing intervention involving combined physical activity and psychoeducation for young people on mental health service waiting lists.

This event provided:

  • opportunity to meet children and young people researchers from the Trust and learn about the Trust's involvement in research
  • chance to hear about their current projects spanning physical and mental health
  • time to talk about future collaborations.


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