Mechanobiology and Mechanotechnology

Mechanobiology and Mechanotechnology at Leeds

We aim to understand and exploit biology and technology in mechanical force detection and response by working as multidisciplinary teams to benefit humans and their connection with the environment.

What is our research about?

Mechanical forces influence many functional features of biological life. The impact of mechanical force on cellular and tissue function in many biological systems is a fundamental feature of health and disease.

Mechanobiology research is a multidisciplinary field combining biology, physical sciences, engineering and health sciences. It focuses on how multi-scale mechanics influence biological behaviour.

Our work also extends to mechanotechnology, in which physical approaches to mechanical force are used to benefit human health.

Research themes and investigators

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    A microscopic image of a mechanically-activated ion channel, Piezo1
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    Computer model of a mechanically-activated ion channel called Piezo1.

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