Now I’m here. Taking on the world.

By accessing extra funds, Adam has been able to take part in a range of new opportunities.

Funding from the University transformed my experience. I’m more confident and am excited about taking on new challenges.


My name is Adam. I’m studying Social Policy and I love it. My parents didn’t go to university, so it’s a big deal for me. I’ve been able to access extra money from the Opportunities Fund from the University, which allows me to throw myself into the Boxing Society. This has transformed my university experience.

Through joining boxing I’ve grown so much in confidence. I’m meeting new people, learning new skills. Now I’m planning my Study Abroad Year in Australia – which is something I never thought I’d say! When I graduate, I’d like to join the Civil Service Fast Track.

Unleash your passion

Boxing has given me the confidence to tackle anything. I’ve even applied to study abroad next year in Australia – something I never thought I’d do.


Funding support

We offer funding to UK students to help with the costs of university. These include:

  • Scholarships – personal circumstances. If your household income is less than a certain amount you may be eligible for a means-tested scholarship.
  • Non-repayable bursary – Leeds Bursary. Linked to your household income this helps students with the costs of being at university.
  • Financial hardship funding – available if you find yourself in financial difficulty whilst at university.
  • Academic achievement scholarships – these scholarships have academic achievement as a key awarding criteria for the scholarship.
  • Sports scholarships – for elite athletes.
  • Enterprise scholarships – to help with business start-up costs.

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