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What if we could remake places as if people and the planet mattered?

Imagine if our places had:

  • meaningful, well-paid, local work
  • ways of getting around safely, easily, and affordably
  • abundant and biodiverse blue-green spaces
  • politics and politicians that listened and empowered people
  • land that was used for communities not private profit
  • places for growing healthy, affordable food
  • connected and happy communities.

Get involved

If you’re an early career or experienced researcher, academic, teacher, policy maker, politician, entrepreneur, artist or creative worker, campaigner or activist, community leader, investor or grant giver – you’re invited to join our network and contribute to our dynamic research community.

We’re looking for people interested in:

  • 20-minute cities
  • active travel
  • community economies
  • Doughnut Economics
  • climate action
  • resilience and adaptation
  • post-growth places
  • degrowth ideas
  • regenerating nature
  • circular economies
  • local food
  • community-led housing
  • decolonising places
  • citizen democracy
  • community ownership.

Our activities

We cover:

  • Research and learning – scoping, refining and blueprinting the amazing ideas that can be used to remake places.
  • Engagement and networking – facilitating networking, dialogue and brainstorming between researchers and practitioners to deliver more impactful research and more creative, nuanced and strategic practice.
  • Interventions and impact – activating and operationalizing ideas by joining and supporting coalitions of place-based actors and offering strategies for them to test in ‘living lab’ contexts. This could lead to future consultancy spin-offs, where we offer services to people/groups interested in sustainable place-based change.

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To join our network, connect with our academic expertise and access our members’ resources, email Remaking Places at

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