Read our profiles to find out more about the University of Leeds from our students, staff, researchers and alumni.

Student Profiles

Hind  Al Ameri

MSc Biodiversity and Conservation

Haleemah Alaydi

MA Writing for Performance and Publication

Jaime Gomez

MSc Transport Planning and Engineering

Minori Iwahashi

BA Film, Photography and Media

Rajalekshmi  Kaippallil

MSc Transport Planning and Engineering

Ishan  Lee

MA Advertising and Marketing

Fadiah Maghrbi

MA Arabic–English Translation

Kari Medalla

Talking about being an international student

Arthurnatious Muzuva

LLM International Banking and Finance Law

Hugo Poon

MSc International Marketing Management

Somdutta  Sarkar

MA Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

Qian  Wang

MSc Law and Finance

Researcher Profiles

Andrea Vidal Dura

Postgraduate researcher in Biogeochemistry