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Student Profiles

Sam Ryan, Barney Williams and James Gupta

BSc Accounting and Finance, BSc Environment and Business and MBChB Medicine

Sam Appleton

PhD in Entrepreneurship

Tejaswi Bhardwaj

MSc Enterprise

Josephine Canning

Year in Enterprise

Libby  Chilton

MA Fashion, Enterprise and Society

Alice Colligan

BSc Biology

Christopher Cox

BA Music with Enterprise

Meg Dale-Hughes

BA Management with Marketing

Becky Edlin

BA Graphic and Communication Design

Shaun Gaisie

Music, Multimedia and Electronics

Liz Goddard

MSc Enterprise

Nick Howard

BA Theatre Acting

Gavin Kelleher

BA International Relations

Jiachen Lui

MSc Enterprise

Wendy Matthews

MBChB Medicine

Ayelet Melman

MBChB Medicine

John Munn

Management with Marketing

Dominique Nielsen

BSc Biotechnology with Enterprise

Oliver Peel

Electronic Engineering

Greg Preece

MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Ashleigh Rodda

BA Fashion

Charlotte Rowan Scott

Spanish and Chinese

Chiraag Thakrar

Medical graduate (graduated 2016)

Ravi Toor

BA Environment and Business

Sophie Tregellis

BA Philosophy

Case Study Profiles

Caroline Wherritt

Enterprise ambassador