Access to Leeds module

After you get your Access to Leeds offer, you will be asked to complete an online module which consists of two parts: study skills and a subject assignment.

You must successfully complete both parts to be eligible for your Access to Leeds course offer.

  • Both parts are designed to help you prepare for study at university and are at an equivalent academic level to your year 13 studies. 
  • The module is delivered online through the University's Virtual Learning Environment, Minerva, so you can complete it at your own pace. Through Minerva, you can also access support, including all the study resources you need, and you can submit your assignments.
  • You have around four to five weeks to complete each part of the module.
  • You don't need to be on campus to complete the programme. Everything is done online, so you will need regular and reliable internet access between April and July when the module is delivered.

I enjoyed completing the academic assignment and getting a feel for university-standard essay writing. The study skills component was also a good introduction to university-level study. It was nice to get an idea of what would be expected of me.

Naomi Maher

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Study skills

This series of interactive resources is based on a number of core academic skills that you’ll need as a university student. They include: reading, note making and critical thinking, writing skills and academic integrity and referencing.

The resource is launched in April and you will have around four weeks to complete it.

You can complete this section in the way that best suits you, participating in the activities at your own pace. Study skills are tested with a short multiple-choice quiz, which you’ll take after you’ve worked through the activities for each topic.

Suggested study time: four to six hours.

Subject assignment

This is normally a short assignment (1250 words), or project focusing on your chosen subject area. It is designed as an introduction to the subject you have applied to and allows you to demonstrate your potential to study this course at the University of Leeds and put into practice the academic skills from part one.

When you are taking the assignment, you will receive guidance from a University tutor who will set and mark your work and provide feedback. Assignment titles are released in June and you will have approximately six weeks to complete the work. 

Suggested study time: 12 to 16 hours.

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