How to apply

Access to Leeds applications for 2022 entry are now open.

We recommend that you apply for Access to Leeds directly because it allows you to provide more information that could support your application.

Some eligible students are picked up through their Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application but we cannot guarantee this.


The Access to Leeds application deadlines differ depending on which course you want to study. The deadlines and the courses they apply to are as follows:

4 November 2021

  • A100 Medicine and Surgery MBChB
  • A200 Dental Surgery MChD/BChD, Oral Science BSc

26 January 2022


  • G402 Computer Science MEng
  • G400 Computer Science BSc
  • G404 Computer Science (Digital and Technology Solutions) 
  • G702 Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence MEng
  • G700 Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence BSc
  • G4G2 Computer Science and Mathematics MEng
  • G4G1 Computer Science and Mathematics BSc
  • I6K8 Computer Science with High-Performance Graphics and Games Engineering


  • M100 LLB Law (3 years) 
  • MM29 Criminal Justice and Criminology 


  • N420 Accounting and Finance
  • N320 Banking and Finance
  • L100 Economics
  • L112 Business Economics 
  • LN13 Economics and Finance 
  • N200 Business Management 
  • N2N5 Business Management with Marketing

 Media and Communications

  • P900 Communication and Media
  • P390 Digital Media
  • W600 Film, Photography and Media
  • PJ59 Journalism 

Medicine and Dentistry 

  • A900 Dental Hygiene and Therapy
  • B821 Diagnostic Radiography
  • B810 Health Sciences (Cardiac Physiology)
  • B61A Health Sciences (Audiology)

24 February 2022

All other courses not listed in the 4 November 2021 or 26 January 2022 sections.

We strongly recommend that you submit your Access to Leeds application as soon as possible after your UCAS application, particularly if you are applying for a course that interviews. For UCAS deadlines, visit the University's application timetable page.


There are three steps to applying:

  1. Read our Access to Leeds application guidelines
  2. Fill in our Access to Leeds application form. If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader), there is an accessible version of this form available to download. Please only use this version if you have accessibility requirements
  3. Submit your application using our online Access to Leeds application submission form

If you require it for your application, please download our Declaration of Household Income form. 

Getting a reference

You'll need a reference to complete your application – preferably from a tutor or teacher. They will need to complete a section of your application form before you submit it. They will be asked to confirm which criteria they believe you meet that makes you eligible for Access to Leeds, plus other information to support your application. They can get further information about how to do this in our application guidelines.

Privacy and data protection

By completing an Access to Leeds application, you are agreeing to the personal data you provide being accessed and used by the University as detailed in the Access to Leeds direct application privacy notice.

For further information on how your information is stored and used, please read the student privacy notice.

What happens next 

  1. Once you have applied, we will email you to confirm if you are eligible for the scheme within a few days. 
  2. Your Access to Leeds application will be passed to the admissions team for the course you have applied to. The admissions team will assess your Access to Leeds or UCAS application and make an offer based on your predicted grades, your UCAS personal statement, UCAS reference, interview (for some courses) and the additional information provided by you and your referee on the application form. You may not receive a decision until January if you have applied for a highly competitive course.
  3. If your application to the University is successful, you will receive an offer letter. This will include a standard offer (the normal entry requirements for your chosen course) and an Access to Leeds offer (this could be up to two grades below the standard offer, for example, where the standard offer is AAA, the Access to Leeds offer could be ABB). You must make the University of Leeds your firm choice on UCAS in order to remain eligible for your Access to Leeds offer.
  4. You will need to complete an online Access to Leeds module with two parts: study skills and subject assignment. These are delivered online via the University‘s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is used by all current students. Here, you will have access to all the study resources you need and you can submit your assignments.
  5. When you complete the module successfully and get the A-level (or equivalent) results you need for your offer, your place on your chosen course is confirmed.