Bragg management and governance

Find out more about our external advisory board who give us strategic direction and our management committee who carefully steward our activities.

External advisory board

Our external advisory board members shape the strategic direction of the Bragg Centre. Drawn from academia and industry, they help the University grow its international reputation for materials research.

Chair: Dr Rob Hardeman MBE, Independent Technology Consultant


Management Committee

Our internal management committee manages and operates the Centre.

Chair and Director: Professor Edmund Linfield

Representatives from the Centre's research themes:

Members though application:

  • Professor Anwesha Sarkar
  • Dr Robert Kay
  • Dr Philippa Shepley
  • Dr Almut Beige
  • Dr Razan Aboljadayel
  • Dr Almut Beige
  • Dr Robert Davies
  • Dr Andrew Burnett

Key stakeholders:

Bragg Centre team:

  • Dr Andrew Lee, Centre Manager
  • Dr Daniel Paterson, Research and Innovation Development Officer
  • Lucy Leonard, Research and Innovation Development Officer
  • Helen Walters, Research and Events Administrator