Bragg Centre Annual Report

The Bragg Centre annual report provides a snapshot of the productivity, outputs and achievements of our advanced materials research community, with a strong emphasis on the people who deliver these successes. 

Annual report 2019–2020  

We achieved a broad range of successes in 2019–2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  • Our community has now grown to over 200 members and we inducted our first cohort of Bragg PhD studentships
  • The Centres' active grant portfolio reached £82.2 million as a further £11.3 million was awarded within the reporting period.    
  • A significant investment of £750,000 was secured from the Wolfson Foundation which will enable the Bragg Centre to establish a new state-of-the-art high-speed imaging facility, further strengthening our Analytical Science research theme.
  • Our interaction with industry has continued to grow to 109 industrial partners and we have £7 million of direct industry funded research across our portfolio. We provided 1,500 hours of external access to our facilities to PhD students, academics and small and medium-sized enterprises, largely supported by our partnership the with the Henry Royce Institute
  • Our research community authored over 406 publications and accumulated 2744 citations and the outstanding work and influence of our members has been recognised through the receipt of prestigious fellowships and awards.

Download the full Bragg Centre Annual Report (accessible PDF).