Materials PhD Winter School

14 – 16 January 2020
University of Leeds Campus

This event is open to all UK early-stage PhD students with a focus on materials research. 

Registration is free and accommodation is provided.

The Royce Institute is the UK national institute for advanced materials research and innovation. Together the Royce Institute and the Bragg Centre aim to discover, create and design new materials. We provide world-leading experimental and analytical facilities to understand and build materials from the atomic to the macro-scale.

The workshop will cover theoretical and practical aspects of thin film deposition, physical and plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition, molecular beam epitaxy deposition, pulsed laser deposition, scanning electron microscopy, versatile x-ray spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, time-resolved confocal fluorescence microscopy and semiconductor and nanotechnology cleanroom techniques.

Closing date: 16 December 2019