Futures Institutes

About the Futures Institutes

We are creating two Futures Institutes with a focus on delivering research and education to address some of the most pressing global challenges.

The Institutes will become recognised centres of excellence for driving world-changing research and interdisciplinary postgraduate education in climate, health, education and society.

The Institutes’ members will co-create and deliver research with policymakers, businesses, governments and the general public, and the collaborative culture of the Institutes will enable early-career postgraduate researchers to flourish.

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The futures Institutes

  • Priestley Centre for Climate Futures

    This Institute will collaboratively design and deliver just and actionable climate solutions and support the delivery of the University’s Climate Plan.

    Wind turbines in a field under a blue sky
  • Institute for Societal Futures

    This Institute will empower colleagues from all disciplines to address major social issues and transform society for the benefit of all.

    A city with buildings lit up at night