Our aims

Our strategy Universal Values, Global Change sets out a clear vision to bring together research and innovation, knowledge exchange and education to deliver global impact, drive down inequalities and create a Fairer future for all.

To achieve that vision, we are establishing two Futures Institutes that will:

  • drive world-changing research, education and societal impact through regional, national and international partnerships 
  • become recognised centres of excellence for tackling global challenges 
  • foster greater levels of inter-faculty research, postgraduate education and professional learning collaborations 
  • generate academic successes wider than those that would be achieved by individual faculties and schools, focusing on collaboration between and across different disciplines  

The Institutes will bring together colleagues from a range of faculties, focusing on two specific areas of demonstrable strength and expertise, and where we believe we can create the greatest impact in tackling pressing global challenges. 

These areas are Climate and Societal.

The Futures Institutes will co-create and deliver research in partnership with policymakers, businesses, governments and the general public, while their members will also engage in outreach activities and deliver interdisciplinary postgraduate education (Masters and Doctoral training) to equip the next generation of leaders and practitioners in their respective fields.